Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Story of a Coaster, Business Card and Holiday Card.

Milk Jar Cookies – A perfect pairing for letterpress

I walked into Milk Jar Cookies on the day of their soft open. Their store told a wonderful story. So much effort was put into the store that I knew the cookies were going to be incredible. The cookies were like no otherThey are soft and luscious with great taste combinations. I worked on a card to house their gift card, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to work on three new projects!

The story begins with the coaster set. They wanted a set of coasters that included the Milk Jar Cookies logo, their iconic Milk Jar and Spatula illustration, and “Life’s Short Eat Cookies.” I printed them on double thick cotton stock and gave them rounded corners. They included the coasters in the cookie of the month mailing this past fall. Plus they selling them as a set of six at the store.

Then I got to design and print their holiday card. Their storefront is so charming with the window displays changing for each season and holiday. It welcomes you from the street and I felt it would be perfect vignette for their holiday card. A loose and hand drawn style helped to convey their warmth and friendliness. I love that we printed it in red

The last chapter of this story is about the business card. The store has a business card, but Courtney the owner wanted letterpress cards for herself. I knew that I wanted to create a double-sided card to give it more substance. The back was designed with a pinstripe design and their tagline. It gave the cards a great textural feel that made you want to turn them over. For an extra visual impact, there is a layer of aqua between the front and back of the card. 

If you haven't had a Milk Jar Cookie, check them out.

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