Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kickstarter Reward - What A Great Project!

California Four O'Clock - A Novel

I had the opportunity to print 4 illustrations as part of a reward for a Kickstarter project. Martin McClellan (@hellbox) wrote the novel California Four O’Clock and crowd funded it through kickstarter. He commisioned Vicki Nerino to create illustrations for each chapter head. Four were selected by the backers and then I got to have some printing fun! Martin is not only a novelist is a letterpress enthusiast. When we began the project, it was going to be black only with a half-tone screen. When I saw the artwork, I suggested doing two colors. I thought black and silver would be a great compliment for the illustrations. Each print was 5” x 7” and printed on 100 percent cotton stock. They were sent off to Vicki in Canada to sign and number. Martin included them with the case bound books he signed for those who backed the project.

“Pin-ups, photographers, painters and models collide in mid-century Los Angeles.” Find out more about the book at