Friday, November 1, 2013

Custom Buckslips

G-star logo design

I was commissioned to design a buckslip. They would be for G-star, and she works in the entertainment print industry. So not only would I be designing for a client, but it would be a gift for a print professional. 

I began by choosing a font that I thought had a good shape. Then I altered the letterform to make the counter in the lower part of the g larger (The counter is the empty space in the lower part of the g). This gave me the perfect place to put the asterisk, which became the star. I found the perfect asterisk that went with the g and gave the logo the right balance. The hot pink color was an easy choice as it is a color she uses when signing off her emails. I placed the logo in the upper left corner bleeding off the top and left side. Some people are uncomfortable when artwork is cut off, but I loved the way the negative space worked with the edge of the buckslip.

The client and the recipient were both happy with the results. 

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