Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wild Mustard Buckslips

For the love of Buckslips

During the spring, wild mustard would blanket the hills in the Valley in yellow. There are less open hills now, but you can still see them popping up. My reimagined version is a little more modern. This let me change up the color a bit, to a deep orange. 

Buckslips are such versatile pieces of stationery. They can be used as for informal correspondence – when you just want to write a short message and a post-it note is a little too informal. You can use them as a one-sided notecard or thank you card. They fit right into a standard No.10 envelope. How perfect is that! I even use them to write my project "to do" lists. They got their name because they were around the size of a dollar or "buck." They have been a part of my work stationery essentials for a while. So I thought I would design a version for personal use. I often get comments from people that they love buckslips. So I know I'm not the only one.

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